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My Manchester Story

Kyler Mills

by User Not Found | Mar 26, 2019

Manchester University Alumnus

Senior Accountant at Baden Gage & Schroeder, LLC in Fort Wayne, Ind.

“What drew you to Manchester?”

“I was drawn to Manchester University because of the size, the Accounting Program and the location. Coming from a small-town high school, I knew the transition to Manchester’s size was going to be smooth. It was not just the campus size, but more importantly the classroom size and students-to-professor ratio. Just like a majority of high school seniors, I was ready to venture out, but it was convenient to only be 50 minutes from home.”

 “How did Manchester prepare you for the ‘real world?’”

“The Accounting Program at Manchester University was the greatest challenge I had endured in my academic career. Students are not only tested academically, but challenged to grow and develop professionally. The reward is beyond a degree. It is an exhilarating sense of achievement that empowers young professionals to go beyond expectations and prove their abilities and worth in the professional field.”

 “What do you love about your job?”

“Wow, there [are] so many things about my job that I love! People count on us to provide guidance, support and assurance. It’s a rewarding feeling. My coworkers are amazing. There are people here with decades of experience. Call me a nerd, but I could honestly sit down and listen for hours to some of their conversations. Especially in public accounting, there are endless opportunities to learn and gain valuable experience. It’s unbelievable how many different areas I have been exposed to. Just like my Manchester education, it has molded me into a well-rounded, knowledgeable professional.  The work environment is also welcoming and supportive. We have an open door policy from top to bottom. I have no fear [of] waltzing into a director’s office and asking him or her a question or even just to chat. But importantly, we work hard and play hard. We’ve done TinCaps outings, golf outings, softball league and various parties.”

 “What advice would you offer for current MU students?”

“I encourage students to take advantage of the opportunities and resources that Manchester provides. I struggled to maintain that GPA just like any other student, and taking advantage of those resources is a huge help! But it’s important to gain experiences [in college]. Unfortunately, your time [at Manchester] will come to an end one day, so live it up because one day you will address an email to Professor Ogden as ‘Professor Ogden’, and he will ask that you call him ’Tim.’ Be adventurous and unafraid to fail. If you’re over 21, take advantage of the free fries at The Inn on Thursday nights and, for the love of God, try their tenderloin.”


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