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Beth Schultz

by User Not Found | Jun 22, 2021
Schultz, Beth
Nursing Program Director

"Manchester recently introduced a nursing program. How do you think this program will impact our university?"  
"I think we will have students that choose Manchester because we have a nursing program. There has been interest in the past in nursing so potential students who wanted to attend Manchester went other places. Now they can attend Manchester!"

"Why should prospective nursing students attend the MU nursing program versus other schools in Indiana?"
"Most nursing programs do not admit freshman students directly into the nursing program. Students complete certain courses and then compete with other students for admission into nursing. We admit students right into nursing. As long as they maintain the overall and science GPA required for nursing they maintain their spot in the cohort, no competing with other students after they are admitted to nursing at Manchester."

"What other career opportunities can a BSN bring?" 

"Other careers for nurses

- working at a theme park- most large theme parks employee a nurse

-working at summer camp- either seasonally or all year around

- being a certified lactation consultant and helping moms and babies with breastfeeding either in the hospital or in the outpatient setting

working on the mission field

- working in industry for companies that develop equipment for use in the hospital

- working as a forensic nurse

- specializing in specific areas such as wound care, education for specific diseases (diabetes, heart disease)

- working for NASCAR

- working on a transport team that flies and cares for patients (helicopters, planes)

- becoming a military officer, often the military will provide financial assistance with school

- writing health policy and becoming an advocate

- developing a business as a life coach             

Many nurses begin their careers in the hospital and then seek additional education and advanced degrees. Some examples of advanced nursing degrees (a masters or doctorate) include: a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (probably the highest paid advanced practice nurse), a certified nurse midwife, and a nurse educator. There are many different specialty areas for nurse practitioners (NP's)- they are separate education tracks and include neonatal NP, pediatric NP, family NP, psychiatric NP, geriatric NP, acute care NP...."

"What advice do you have for prospective or current nursing students?"  

  • "Shadow or talk with people who are nurses, ask them specific questions about what they do
  • Assess your personal strengths-nursing school is rigorous, the national licensing exam (NCLEX) is an extremely difficult standardized test
  • Learn to manage stress and practice self-care"

"What is one fun fact about you that others might not know?"
"I really enjoy a good adventure. Whether it's planning and taking a trip or completing a high-ropes or zipline course, I'm ready to go! That's probably why I enjoy working as a camp nurse."

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