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Carl "Alex" Felton

by Brooklyn Schumm | Mar 30, 2023
Carl "Alex" Felton smiling for the camera

Tell us about yourself!
I am Carl "Alex" Felton, and my pronouns are he, him and his. I am a junior at Manchester and a double major in biology and psychology with a concentration in cognitive neuroscience. My hometown is currently Angola, Ind.; however, I was born in Bethesda, Md., and lived in Fredericksburg, Va., and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


What are you involved in on campus?
I work as a supplemental instruction leader (peer tutor) for Biology 108 and 108L, and I'm a science peer tutor. This past summer, I completed a psychology internship focusing on trauma, eating disorders and disordered eating. I am a member of the International Honors Club of Psychology (Psi Chi), STEM Academy and the Honors Program.

I recently resigned from men's track and field to focus more on my Senior Honor Thesis and preparation for graduate school applications. I enjoyed being on the team and was inspired by the camaraderie of the coaches and student-athletes. I have the utmost respect for Coach Cashdollar as he provides every student-athlete with an opportunity to excel in their athletic abilities.


Why did you choose Manchester University?
As a homeschooled student, Manchester University was the most plausible next step. I had expectations that university would be challenging for many reasons, so it was important that my next step would be one that felt like home, allowed me to be my best self, allowed me to grow as a student and individual, and still feel very much a part of the MU family.


What is your favorite thing about Manchester?
My favorite thing about Manchester is the diversity in education. I enjoy labs, traveling abroad, working as a peer mentor, and participating in sports. These are all essential to helping students be well-rounded as young adults.


What do you see yourself doing after Manchester?
My immediate goal after MU is to attend graduate school in pharmacogenomics or biological sciences and participate in a doctoral program that encompasses neuropharmacology. My ultimate goal is to work as a biomedical engineer with a concentration in neural engineering, using techniques to understand, repair, replace, or enhance neural systems associated with brain cancer. I also want to continue learning foreign languages such as Hebrew.


Who is your favorite professor you have had?
My favorite Professors are Dr. Short, Dr. Kessie, and Dr. Robison. They are both very personable, attentive to student needs and ensure students feel comfortable with their assignments and labs.


What is your favorite class you have taken at Manchester?
I have enjoyed all of my courses at Manchester. I have three favorites: Stats I with Dr. Kessie, Stats II with Dr. M. Coulter-Kern, and Intro to Microbiology with Dr. Short and Dr. Robison.


What's a Manchester bucket list item you'd like to check off?
I didn't have a bucket list item perse, but I really wanted to be able to continue traveling while in college. I have had the opportunity to participate in two travel courses during Jan Term 2022 and 2023.  


What advice would you give to an incoming Manchester student?
The advice I'd give to incoming first-years at Manchester would be to really embrace our motto of "Best Self." The significance of this is that you are in charge of your future, which makes how you get there very important. Take advantage of all MU has to offer, join clubs, participate in a sport, travel abroad, get to know your professors, and have fun. MU is very much a family environment. They will provide you with all the support, encouragement, and extra nudges you need to be successful.


What is something someone wouldn't know just by looking at you?
I think by looking at me, no one would guess that I'm a second-degree black in TaeKwonDo and an Orange belt in Hapkido, that I have lived in or traveled to six different countries as a homeschool student, including Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Germany, Italy, Canada and France, and I've traveled to Hawaii and Belize while at MU. I also do not feel you can tell I'm 18 years old. I started Manchester when I was 15 and proudly share my birthday with Manchester's Founders Day.


What is your favorite Manchester memory?
One of my favorite Manchester memories was that after being accepted to MU, I saw the Class of 2024 facts listing the youngest student admitted as 15. It was humbling to know that I was making Manchester history.

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