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My Manchester Story

Deion Gilmore

by User Not Found | Jan 10, 2022

What led you to Manchester University?  

What led me to Manchester University was the education it provided for my major, as well as the experience to build up my skills for future internships and job opportunities. 


How has your experience been as student-athlete studying sports management?  

My experience as a student-athlete was more balanced because I was able to get everything done on time and was focusing on one task at a time. For my major, it has helped me build more connections with my peers, who also play sports. And I gained more knowledge about my sport when it comes to marketing. 


How do you plan to use this major in the future? 

I plan to use this major to give back to the community of my favorite sport. It has helped me build more connections with people and taught me how to be more confident and disciplined. I will use this major to help me in equipment management for football. I plan on working as an equipment manager for an NFL team. 


Do you have any advice for students who want to play collegiate level sports?  

Never be afraid to go above and beyond your expectations. You are always going to have competition in sports and in life. Doing more than what is expected of you will create more opportunities in the future. 


Can you share your favorite memory so far as a Manchester football player?  

My favorite memory as a Manchester football athlete was beating Franklin my sophomore year because I got my first sack, and we had not beaten them in 21 years. 

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