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Andy Vance

by User Not Found | Jun 06, 2019
Andy Vance

Andrea “Andy” Vance, from Portage, Ind., is working to create her own individualized major in performing arts administration. She strives to leave her footprint at Manchester University, one theater production at a time.

“What made you choose Manchester University?”

“At first it was the study abroad opportunities. My mom is from the Philippines and I always wanted the chance to travel there and all around the world. Now that I’m here, I’m realizing the opportunities inside the classroom and the footprint I can leave at MU. I was a business management major, but now I’m in the process of becoming a performing arts administration major – and the only performing arts administration major at MU. My heart has always been in the performing and visual arts, so that’s the path I wanted to follow. Along with my major, I’m starting to revamp a few clubs and organizations for fellow art enthusiasts, and I love the work each club has done so far! I’m only a first-year but I hope to leave my mark here.”

“What organizations are you working on revamping?”

“I’m president of Artist’s Anonymous, and we just had our first event in December! There were a lot of people there and I’m very happy with the turnout. It was called “Art by the Fire.” I also just got presidency of Theatre Society, so I can’t wait to start working on that!”

“You said your heart has always been in performing and visual arts. How did you become interested in that?”

“I’ve been singing since before I could walk and have been in dance since I was little. I began theater in elementary school and stayed all the way up to high school, and that was when I found where my heart belonged–not technically onstage, but backstage. Being able to see a production – something you helped create – come to life in a magical way is a feeling I could never forget, and it drives me.”

“What do you hope to do with your performing arts administration degree?”

“With my degree, I’m hoping to be able to pursue work in a theater or auditorium, planning events or productions, or even working as a director for performing arts events or visual art events.”

“What advice would you give high school seniors?”

“I would say, look around [at different colleges] and see what opportunities they have for you to make an impact. I came to Manchester and I was like, ‘I’ll just do business management.’ Then I realized that’s not what I wanted to do. I asked around and when they didn’t have what I wanted, I was told I could create what I wanted. I would get to say that I’m the only performing arts administration major out of Manchester. There are more opportunities and chances here to make myself into something more. At other colleges, it would be so much harder. Being in oh-so-many clubs, art organizations and productions – that would be hard at a bigger college. Here, I’m able to meet with professors and advisors who want to work with me to get on a career path I love and make the most out of my college experience. They’re on your side. Simply, Manchester offers possibilities for me to achieve goals, with more flexibility and one-on-one attention than most other schools.”

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