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Nick Rush

by User Not Found | Jun 06, 2019

Nick Rush, from Terre Haute, Ind., is a junior majoring in sport management and marketing. He shares his advice for balancing work, school and athletics.

“What are you involved with on campus?”

“I’m a first baseman on the baseball team and I’m in four clubs: College of Business club, where I’m the program committee director, STAT (Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow), Student Senate and then as a side of Student Senate, I’m on the Student Senate Student Relations Committee. And then I also have three jobs on campus: sports information student assistant,a Student Orientation Leader, Spartan ambassador and I’m also a social media ambassador.”

“Why do you take part in so many activities on campus?”

“I like having more memories – more experiences – and I feel like everything I do is something that will help me later in life. College of Business, for example, helps me with networking. STAT helps me with connecting and networking, but also having the opportunity to talk with people from other generations and not just people my age. And baseball has allowed me to challenge myself and play the game I love along the way. Each club or activity I’m involved with helps me develop more as a person and learn, which is exactly what college is all about!”

“What is one of your favorite memories from playing baseball?”

We went down to Myrtle Beach as a baseball spring trip. Basically, we went down there and we played six games against teams from New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia. I really enjoyed going down there, and that was one of my favorite trips from baseball because we got to play right next to the beach with palm trees in the background. We ended up 3-3, which is a better start than we had last year. The improvement shows the kind of practice effort we had and the talent that we have this year. Plus, I hit my first college grand slam! Overall, it was a great trip.”

“What is one lesson that baseball has taught you?”

“Time management! That’s for sure. You don’t know how busy you are until you get into the season. You have to figure out when you can work, when you can eat, when you can do your homework and when you can relax. Once you get in the flow of things, it gets easier, but you have to find that flow. But above all, I absolutely love the sport. I’ve found a group of guys that have made my college experience better than I could have ever imagined. We do everything together and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


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