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Kerolous Abd

by User Not Found | Mar 02, 2020
Kerolous Abd, from Sterling Heights, Mich., is a second-year (P2) student in Manchester’s Doctor of Pharmacy Program.  

There are pharmacy programs all over the country.

Why did you choose Manchester University?  

Manchester University is unique in that it focuses on two important factors that I strive to incorporate in my career as a pharmacist. Those are community service and leadership. Manchester prepares every student to have a positive impact on their community through various community service opportunities. Manchester also prepares every student to be a leader through an excellent education that teaches care for patients above all else, guiding the community served by the pharmacist to a better overall health.  

What drew you to pharmacy? 

I have always had an interest in science and medicine, but it wasn’t until I was employed in a pharmacy that I learned that it’s what I wanted to pursue as a career. Observing the pharmacist interact with patients and explain different medication options to them enabled me to see that a career in pharmacy will allow me to integrate my passion for patient care and my aptitude for science. Through consultations, a pharmacist provides patients with invaluable knowledge that helps them stay on the right track toward a healthier life. I pursue that knowledge every day in pharmacy school so that I too can use it and leave a positive impact on my community. 

What is one lesson you’ve learned in the classroom and one lesson you’ve learned outside the classroom?   

In the classroom, I often hear professors say, “You can't look at a treatment as black or white; you have to look at the patient as a whole.” Habitually, we as students like to think that to every disease or problem there is one specific treatment, which generally is not the case. When we factor in a patient's relevant history and other pertinent information, it often results in a different treatment plan and one that is more beneficial to the patient’s health.  
One vital lesson I learned outside the classroom is collaborative practice, which is the idea of multiple different health care providers working together to deliver the highest quality of care. Collaborative practice teams can include pharmacists, doctors, nurses and other health care providers relevant to the patient's case. Communication in our profession is a key element. Working together will result in the opportunity for the care team to learn from each other and provide the highest possible quality of care. 

What advice would you recommend to students considering pharmacy school? 

Be open minded and consider your options. Pharmacists are often labeled as someone who dispense medications, however in the past few years, the profession has branched into a lot of different specialties. Reflect on what is important to you and pursue that. Pharmacy is a very rewarding career and it gives us the opportunity to direct our community to a better overall health outcome. 

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