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Kora Beasley

by User Not Found | Jan 03, 2022

What drew you to Manchester University?  

I knew I wanted to visit Manchester University after hearing how much my family loved it here! I’m the fourth generation to come to Manchester and after visiting, I knew it was the perfect fit. The class sizes are perfect, and the community is wonderful! 

Why did you decide to major in population health?  

While deciding majors, I debated between strictly science and communications! When I came across population health, it seemed like the perfect combination of both. This major also opens doors for various paths in graduate school and an opportunity for a career in social justice. 

How do you plan to use this major after graduation?  

After graduation, I plan to attend graduate school for public health! I hope to create a fulfilling career with my future public/population health knowledge.  

What other organizations are you involved with on campus? 

On campus, I am involved in the Kenapocomoco Peace Coalition, Honors Program, A Cappella Choir, United Sexualities and Genders Club, Zoology Club, faith-based organizations, and Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow (STAT). 

Can you tell us more about the family environment at Manchester?  

Manchester feels like home! It seems like there are always smiling and kind people around campus. I love the environment in classes with group work and the friendships you form with those on campus and in your dorm. There are so many friendly faces :) 

What has your favorite course been as a population health major? 

My favorite course in the population health major so far is Social Gerontology. I enjoy learning about different groups of people and their health care needs, so this course has kept my interest!  

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