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My Manchester Story

Takoda Stone

by User Not Found | Mar 28, 2022

What led you to Manchester University?  

What really set it in was the culture. My priorities going into college were first that I could continue doing what I love – playing soccer and diving. Then, what is life going to be like on campus tied with how are the academics? My first contacts here were the coaches for soccer, and they instantly made me feel welcome and accepted. However, it wasn’t until I made it to North Manchester for a visit that I really fell in love with this school. The second I made it to campus and into the Office of Admissions it felt like home.  


How did you decide on majoring in secondary education history?  

The path that I took to decide on my major was very different. I never really knew what I wanted to do with my life until later in high school. Ideas sprouted here and there, but nothing was really pulling at my heart to follow. Then in my junior year, being in my U.S. History class after about a month, I knew I wanted to teach, and not only that, but teach history. It’s such a stereotype that all history teachers are coaches, but those are both my truest passions, sharing my love for historical knowledge and the sports that I love. 


Can you talk about the sense of community you feel at MU?  

The community here is unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced. Growing up, I moved a lot. I've been in a lot of different towns and a lot of different cultures and, here at MU, it’s just different in a way I can’t describe. The support system that the institution sets up for you is unreal. The people they place in your life care about you not only as a student or as an athlete but as a person – not only with the faculty but the other students here, too. My dorm floor is always bustling with people and stuff that’s happening constantly – there’s never a dull moment in Garver. It’s a place that’s open and honest and challenges you to become better, if you see it or not.  


Could you tell us about your experience being a student-athlete so far? Successes and obstacles? 

Being a student-athlete is amazing. I grew up in sports. It’s all I knew and how I bonded with my closest friends growing up, and when I moved and left the towns I was in, sports were always there for me. So for being able to continue that life here at Manchester I couldn’t be more grateful. I’ll be honest in saying I had a very hard time with high school being in sports. My grades were not always up to par. Yet here it’s different, the coaches are always open to help, and all the professors will work with you and your schedule to make sure you are successful. Other than grades, I’ve created friendships on these teams that I hope will last a lifetime. Being a student-athlete, however, definitely comes with its fair share of challenges. I’ve done well with my time management, but it’s still a huge stress to keep on top of everything in life. Not only that, but the physical work I put in week in and week out does pay a toll. Yet the athletic training staff here is fantastic and helps with all the problems I may have.    


Can you share any advice you have for other student-athletes? Tips on they can manage their time? 

Set a schedule and live by it. Set plenty of time aside for homework and just get it done. It’s much easier to do the assignments ahead of time than to fall behind in even one class and let your grades suffer. What’s arguably more important, though, is to set time for yourself, time to spend with friends, go to activities, attend other athletic events, or even just sit and watch TV some nights. Allow yourself to have a mental reset a few times a week and unwind. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed with all the due dates and pressures of games or meets or matches. Let yourself be yourself sometimes.  

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