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Kyle Grubbs

by User Not Found | Apr 04, 2022

What led you to Manchester University as a student?

I’m always honest and let people know I had never heard about Manchester as a high school student and that I totally applied for the free t-shirt! Who doesn’t love a free t-shirt?! I received more communication from Manchester than I did the other institutions I was looking at. I ended up being invited to Scholarship Day to interview for additional scholarship money, so that put Manchester at the top of my list. On that visit, I knew that this is where I wanted to be. I could see myself being successful here. I came from a small school and my family and I knew a small college would be the best fit for me to be able to thrive. I also wanted to be able to not be a number. I wanted to stand out some – a big fish in a small pond if you will. I also ended up meeting my college roomie at Scholarship Day! We hit it off, our families hit it off, and we’ve basically been best friends ever since then!


It’s been almost 10 years since you’ve started working at Manchester! What motivates you to continue to work in admissions?

It’s crazy that it’s been that long because it definitely doesn’t feel like it. I like to joke and say that I’m “geriatric” in admissions. It’s really not a job many people make a career of. It can be demanding work and most find other avenues in higher ed they prefer, but I LOVE admissions. I love the relationships I build with students and families. I love being their go-to person for everything! I love the events we put on and being the person to introduce prospective students to Manchester. I love traveling to the high schools to recruit and building relationships with school counselors (they’re true MVPs)! I’m an extroverted extrovert, so the more people I get to meet and work with daily – the better!


You’re a person with many hats! Can you share what you do as senior assistant director of admissions and beyond?

So many hats! I get to do a little bit of everything! My main role is recruiting. For that I work with students interested in Business Management and Professional Sales. I like to tell them that I’m their go-to-gal for everything Manchester – so if they have a question, I’m here to answer it or get them connected with who can. I also run the admissions social media accounts – shameless plug for you all to go follow @FutureMUSpartan on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok! I help create emails and coordinate events. I’m on our leadership team that works to make plans and decisions. The newest part of this role I’m in has been coordinating our Staff Development Committee which has been so fun. I’ve been able to work on professional development for our staff, team bonding, celebrations, etc. I’m loving it so far because it helps me connect with my colleagues on another level – and hep bring them joy!


What’s been your favorite memory(s) at Manchester? As a student or an employee!

That’s SO hard! After so much time as a student and employee there are so many wonderful memories … BUT the thing that I always come back to is the fact that I was able to study abroad twice through Manchester. I went to Spain during January session of my sophomore year and I spent a semester in Xalapa, Mexico, my junior year. What an amazing experience! I’m so thankful my parents and family encouraged me to take advantage of the opportunities and helped to make it happen.


What do you tell prospective students who are looking for a good fit in a college and considering MU?

If you want a community that’s invested in you, I hope Manchester is at the top of your list. There are so many people here who want to help you be successful. I always say it’s very hard to hide here. I have amazing colleagues across campus who want the best for each student. I always bring up our mission statement when I can. In part it says, we respect the infinite worth of every individual and we strive to graduate students of ability and conviction. If a student is looking for a place that will respect them for who they are coming in, but really pushes them to become their best self (wise words I stole from President Dave McFadden) – then Manchester is that place.

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