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Music - Audio Production and Marketing Certificate



The Audio Production and Marketing Certificate provides an opportunity for students to gain background and experience in marketing and audio production. It can be combined with either a music or business major, or simply for students who have an interest in marketing and audio production.


There are four courses required, as well as a project.

Required Courses (must be taken in sequence):
  • BUS 111 Foundations of Business
  • BUS 234 Principles of Marketing
  • MUS 141 Recording Techniques
  • BUS 445 Marketing Management
Requirements for the project:
  • Within the MUS 141 course, students will produce an audio recording of a complete piece of creative work (such as an album of recorded music, or an audio podcast).
  • The project must include professional quality audio, produced and recorded by the student
  • Proposed projects must be approved prior to their completion (by faculty overseeing the certificate program). Examples of appropriate projects include (but are not limited to) an album of recorded music, an audio podcast, audio score for a film project.
  • Projects must demonstrate a student’s proficiency in digital audio recording, editing and mastering (microphone placement, mixing, digital audio editing, mastering, etc.)
  • Projects must be completed before the student begins BUS 445.
How to get started:Contact Dr. Tim Reed ( or 260-092-5292) for information about how to apply.