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Exercise Science & Athletic Training - Faculty and Staff

Jeff Beer

Jeff Beer, PhD, LAT, ATC, CEAS, CKTP, ROT, OPE-C     

Professor of Exercise Science and Training (Department Chair)
Office: PERC 214C
Phone: 260-982-5381
At Manchester since: 2006
Education: Ball State University, 2000 (B.S.); Kent State University, 2002 (M.A.); Indiana University, 2018 (Ph.D.)
Graduate Research Area:   Acute Effects of Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (SASTM) on Lower Extremity Flexibility, Isokinetic and Isometric Strength.
Courses Taught:  Upper Extremity Evaluation, Therapeutic Modalities, Therapeutic Rehabilitation, Administration in Health Care, Clinical Experience, Courses, Functional Kinesiology
Current Research Interests:  Myofascial Techniques
Memberships & Affiliations:   NATA, IATA, GLATA, IAPHERD, ASOP


Lucas D. Dargo, DAT, LAT, ATC 

Director of Athletic Training Program
Assistant Professor, Department of Exercise Science and Athletic Training

Office:  MUFW 254
Phone:  260-982-5124
At Manchester since: 2018
Education: Ball State University, 2013 (BAT); Ohio University, 2014 (MSAT); Indiana State University, 2018 (DAT)
Graduate Research Area: Desired Hiring Characteristics of Employers of Athletic Trainers in the Occupational Health Setting
Courses Taught: Orientation to Athletic Training Practice,Clinical Skills Lab 1-IV, Injury Classification and Management, and Integration of Patient Care I
Current Research Interests: Esports, Injury and Illness Prevention and Wellness Promotion 
Memberships & Affiliations: National Athletic Trainers' Association, Great Lakes Athletic Trainers' Association, Indiana Athletic Trainers' Association, The American Society of Orthopedic Professionals 

Erin Foreman

Erin Foreman, MS, LAT, ATC

Associate Professor of Exercise Science and Athletic Training
Director of Sports Medicine
Senior Woman Administrator (SWA)
Associate Athletic Director
Office: PERC 124A/CU 101
Phone: 260-982-5945
At Manchester since: 2006
Education: Ball State University, 2004 (B.S. Athletic Training), West Virginia University, 2006 (M.S. Advanced Athletic Training)
Graduate Research Area: Burnout in Athletic Training
Courses Taught: Injury and Illness Prevention, Psychosocial Aspects of Sport, Lower Extremity Evaluation, Topics in Athletic Training
Current Research Interests: Insite Technology in Football Helmets in the Use of Concussion Prevention.
Memberships & Affiliations: NATA, IATA, GLATA

Tami Hoagland

Tami Hoagland

Office Manager
Office: PERC 214
Phone: 260-982-5390

Jessica L. Huett, EdD, LAT, ATC, PES, CES

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science and Athletic Training
Coordinator of Athletic Training Clinical Education
Office:  MUFW 256
Phone:  (260) 470-2660
At Manchester since:  2020
Education:  Wright State University (B.S.); California University of Pennsylvania (M.S.); Ball State University (Ed.D.)
Graduate Research Area: Determining the Appropriate Selection and Development of Athletic Training Preceptors
Courses Taught:  Orientation to AT Practice, Clinical Series 1-III, Preparation for Professional Practice, Integration of Patient Care II
Current Research Interests: Healthcare education, the selection, preparation, and development of preceptors, student development theory, the sport & exercise psychology
Memberships & Affiliations:  National Athletic Trainers' Association, National Academy of Sports Medicine, Collegiate Athletic Trainers' Society, Great Lakes Athletic Trainers' Association, Indiana Athletic Trainers' Association

Katherine Matutes

Katherine Matutes, PhD   

Assistant Professor of Nutrition Sciences
Office: PERC 214Q 
Phone: 260-982-5133
At Manchester since: 2021
Education: Trinity University (B.A.); Purdue University (Ph.D.)
Graduate Research Area:   Effect of Dietary Conjugated Linoleic Acid on Molecular Markers for Bile Acid Metabolism, Cholesterol Synthesis, and Inflammation in Rats.
Courses Taught:  Human Nutrition, Food Science,  Nutrition Communication, Worksite Health Promotion, Advanced Group Exercise Instruction, Yoga.
Current Research Interests:  Lifestyle Health Promotion, Dietary Influences of Inflammation, Food Sustainability, Effective Science Communication.
Memberships & Affiliations:   Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutritionists, American Council on Exercise, National Association of Science Writers.

Emeriti Faculty


Mark Huntington, PED, LAT, ATC, PT

Professor  Emeritus of Exercise Science and Athletic Training
At Manchester: 1984 - 2020
Education: Manchester College, 1976 (B.S.); Boston University, 1979 (M.S.); Indiana University, 1994 (P.E.D.)
Graduate Research Area: Human Anatomy Education
Courses Taught: Human Anatomy, Exercise Physiology, Human Performance Research
Current Research Interests:  Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries, Physical Fitness Levels of College Students
Memberships & Affiliations: National Athletic Trainers' Association