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Pharmacy Program Distance Pathway


In the spring of 2022, Manchester University was thrilled to receive acknowledgement of their distance pathway Pharm.D. Program. It is one of the first in the nation to feature on-demand pharmacy education.

Earn your Pharm.D. remotely.

Manchester’s Pharmacy distance pathway is designed to make it easier for you to achieve your dream of becoming a pharmacist. With the distance pathway, you can experience a world-class Manchester education from where you live and work, without relocating and the expenses that come with it. Over 90 percent of coursework can be completed online asynchronously allowing you to fit your education in with your other life commitments.

Some requirements, totaling only about 11 weeks over the four years of the program, must be completed on or near our Fort Wayne location. These include orientation, summer lab experiences, fourth year rotational experiences and graduation. These experiences are unique to Manchester and help you form the professional identity needed to be successful in the profession.

Seats are limited, so apply early!

In order to provide a high-quality learning experience, the number of seats in the distance pathway are limited. Apply through PharmCAS, which opens July 18 and closes June 1. Those who apply by Oct. 1 will be given priority consideration for the distance pathway.


Like our onsite program, but more flexible.

Like our onsite program, the distance pathway consists of 144 credit hours of coursework spread over a four-year period, which includes both classroom and experiential courses. The first three years include fall, January session, spring and summer semesters for a total of nine semesters, rather than six semesters in years P1-P3 as in the onsite program. This enables remote learners, some of whom are likely to be career-changers and working professionals, to have more flexibility and time to complete coursework during the early foundational years.

Support Services

Even though you’re there, we’re still here for you.

As a distance pathway student, you’ll receive all the support Manchester is known for, helping you to achieve your goals and preparing you for your career as a pharmacist equipped to make a difference.

  • Faculty and Peer Mentoring – Your success is our success. That’s why we've implemented programs, resources and structures that promote academic success for all students. All students, including those with documented disabilities, will find assistance through these resources.
  • Technological Support - All students receive a University-issued laptop installed with necessary systems and applications and receive technical support from our information technology services (ITS) team. Faculty utilize video and voice technology and a learning management system.
  • Counseling Services – a telemedicine option is available for student use.
  • Student Organizations/Involvement - distance pathway students are encouraged to join student organizations and will be eligible to serve as organization officers. Meetings will be conducted in a hybrid manner to include remote participation.


Tuition and Costs

Please view our Student Financial Services page to see tuition and fees as well as the Cost Of Attendance breakdown.

A distance pathway's student should expect to see charges for tuition and fees as listed on the Student Financial Services page. Out of pocket costs a student may want to think about can be found in the "Costs to Think About" box below. Please note, Manchester University does not charge for these. The costs to think about are estimated and they would be out of pocket for the student over the duration of their years at Manchester University.