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Indiana Teaching License Qualifications

Regardless of the state in which you will ultimately teach, all teaching candidates completing their program at Manchester University, through the Henney Department of Education, must apply for an initial teaching certification in the state of Indiana.

To earn initial teaching certification from the Henney Department, all candidates must:

  • Complete an approved traditional or transition to teaching program at Manchester University
    • Please note, the Henney Department of Education is a state approved teacher preparation program and is accredited through CAEP
    • The Henney Department of Education requires passing of all content licensure exams prior to student teaching
  • Successfully complete all applicable licensure tests. Information regarding licensure tests required by the state of Indiana can be found here:
  • Complete and obtain proof of current CPR certification, including hands-on skill practice on a mannequin. (Approved providers can be found here.)
  • Complete and obtain proof of completion of suicide prevention training (must be at least 60 minutes). Resources can be found here.
  • Create an account in the online License Verification and Information System (LVIS).
  • Select the applicable license application path in LVIS for your desired licensure action. Upload official transcripts of all degrees, coursework, test score reports, teaching experience, occupational work experience if applicable and other required documents as prompted.
    • Candidates must select Manchester University in order to expedite the licensing process
  • Submit and pay for the application.Candidates should not complete this step until they have officially graduated from Manchester University.
  • Once the licensing advisor has approved the application, the teaching candidate has immediate access to the license which can be downloaded as a PDF.

See Indiana's application quick links for standards forms and checklists for licensure.

Reciprocity in Other States

Once a teaching candidate has obtained an Indiana teaching license, they can apply for out-of-state licensure.  Each state has its own licensure rules and can be found on the Department of Education websites for individual states.  Additional requirements and feeds apply.

Please note:  “candidates seeking an Early Childhood (grades PreK-3), Primary Childhood (grades PreK-5), Middle Childhood (grades 4-9) or any Intervention Specialist license (including multi-age, PreK-3 and PreK-5), must also pass the Ohio Assessment for Educators (OAE) 090 Foundation of Reading Exam.