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Paula Finton

by User Not Found | Jun 06, 2019
Paula Finton

Paula Finton, Facilities Coordinator for Conference Services from Huntington, IN

“What is your favorite memory from your time at Manchester?”
“Probably the small chats I would have with Dave Friermood before he retired. His stories and his dedication to campus just were astounding, and made me want to devote myself in a similar manner.”

“What other things are you involved in on campus?”
“I help with the President’s Celebration; I’m on the committee for that. I mostly manage the decorations, and of course attending the event, so that’s fun, seeing the graduating students come in the night before Commencement for one last party with staff, faculty and other students is joyous. I also help the Alumni Office with the Homecoming events, assisting them with event locations and details. I assist most departments with their events and helping them determine what works and what doesn’t in some of the facilities, although posing some challenges, it’s always fun.”

“What are your hobbies and interests?” 
“I love gardening, and getting together with family. Those are two of the things that are most endearing to my heart. As I was growing up, my grandmother gardened, and I had the privilege of helping her every chance I could and that dedication has just transpired into my flower gardens. And of course gathering with family, you never know how much time you’re going to have with them. It’s a precious commodity.”

“What is something most people don’t know about you?” 
“I actually went to Vincennes University out of high school to become a computer programmer. I didn’t get to finish, so that’s why most people don’t know about it. I had to finish early because my brother became very ill, so my funds were kind of diminished, and I didn’t have time to go with student loans because I was halfway through a semester. I use to love computers and creating new programs, so that’s why I went for computer programming.”

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