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Riley Cass

by Kaitlyn Estep | Dec 12, 2023

Tell us your name, pronouns, major, year and hometown.

Hi everyone! My name is Riley Cass (she/her). I’m from Alexandria, Ind., and this is my second year at MU! I’m working toward a major in social work with a minor in peace studies.


What are you involved in at Manchester? (campus jobs, internships, sports, clubs, etc.)

I participate in a lot of clubs and organizations around campus! I’m a member of the Spartan Pride Marching Band, A Cappella Choir, Social Services Club, Theater Society, Kenapocomoco Coalition and USG. I also work as a Spartan ambassador for the Office of Admissions.


Why did you choose Manchester University?

Initially, I chose Manchester for its Nursing Program, but once I switched gears and dove into college life, it transformed into something beyond academics—a true sense of community, belonging and family.


What is your favorite thing about Manchester University?

What I cherish most about Manchester is the lifelong bonds I've made. Living life alongside these incredible folks has made my time here truly special!


What do you see yourself doing after Manchester?

I plan to go into correctional or probational social work and work somewhere in the law enforcement field.


Who is your favorite professor and why?

My favorite professor is Dr. Scott Humphries. He is such a joy to have as a professor, and he never fails to make us smile with a dad joke! Dr. Humphries brings a light to campus that you can't find anywhere else!


What is your biggest accomplishment?

My biggest accomplishment is becoming the person who I am today and learning to be myself!


Give us a fun fact about yourself!

I love, love, love to cook! While I wouldn't turn it into a career, it's hands down my favorite hobby. I love creating new meals and experimenting with food.


What is your favorite Manchester memory?

My favorite Manchester memory so far has to be when the band visited Rochester High School. We performed for the students and inspired some young minds through our music! 

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