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Nick Rush

Mixing My Summer With MU

by Nick Rush | Sep 26, 2016

The summer after graduation, a couple of my friends and I wanted to do something continuously so we could all hang out a lot before we parted for college. Our mission was accomplished in a way where we all had fun, even if we invited others with us. We had weekly corn hole tournaments!

We called ourselves KCK, the Kountry Cornhole Klub, for reasons that must be unmentioned because of club rules. We were actually pretty serious about winning each week because there was something on the line other than just bragging rights: The Championship Belt. It was so great to have it because the holders could brag nonstop about them winning it until the next time we played. We designated a house for the week and we all pitched in money to help buy food and drinks. We even made up our own rules, which is the picture on the left!



I won the very last tournament we had, which means I was able to keep the belt! This is my partner Tyler. Granted we didn’t do well early in the tournaments, we won at the right time, which is what matters most. The picture on the right is the belt hanging proudly in my room so I can show it off.

Now being in college, I don’t really want to stop playing corn hole. Here at MU we have MAC, Manchester Activities Council. They are in charge of planning different events for students. Being on campus for about four weeks, I am not a part of it. But my plan is to join MAC where I hope to help plan a huge corn hole tournament for the MU students. There are two ideas in mind: one—have it last over the course of a weekend, or two—make it into an intramural style event, where the games are spread out over a week or a few weeks. My other idea, if MAC doesn’t work out how I hope, is to just make a corn hole club. This way I will get those who like to and want to play every so often. For whichever one works out, I plan to create a tournament or some competition. That way, students have the best of both worlds in having a fun game to play and a competition with a prize, such as a Casey’s gift card, free food, or even a championship belt (definitely not mine, though).  By the time I am a junior, I want to have this already accomplished, or have it already planned and ready to go for that year. I know I had fun doing weekly tournaments back home, so I’m hoping some MU students will want to do the same!

Nick Rush '20 is studying Sports Management and plans on minoring in another business area. He plays baseball for MU, and he plans on working in the sports industry after graduation.