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Nick Rush

My "Punny" Personality

by Nick Rush | Jul 24, 2017

Many of those close to me know I am a very sarcastic person. I always have wise comebacks. I like to play with words in such a way so I am always right, or I try to make myself right. I also like to make comments that I personally find hilarious, even if absolutely nobody else even smirks. Apparently, according to all my friends, they’re “dad jokes.” Here recently, recently meaning within the past few months, dad jokes have become part of who I am and what I say in conversation; sometimes I strike a conversation with a dad joke. I wanted to drop a list of the famous dad jokes because, well, why not! I laugh at myself every time I say these, so hopefully I at least get a smirk out of you!

  1. I like to guess the “discount” people get on their jeans. For instance, I would say the girl on the left got a 5% discount on her jeans, and the girl on the right got a 30% off. *These pictures were taken off of Google Images*
  2. Person: "So I got to thinking-"
    Me: "I thought I smelled smoke."
  3. *I drive past a graveyard* Wow, this place is just happenin'. People are just dying to get in here!
  4. Person: "Hey, I'm going to run to the store. Need anything?"
    Me: "No, I'm good. But if I were you, I would drive."
  5. Me: *Sees person wearing a camo shirt* "DUDE! A FLOATING HEAD!"
  6. Person: "How do you spell it?"
    Me: "I-T."
  7. Person: "Hey can you call my phone?"
    Me: "Sure. MY PHONE, MY PHONE!"
  8. I've always wanted to try camping; everyone says it's in-tents.
  9. Person: "You shouldn't brush your teeth wearing a tie.."
    Me: "... My toothbrush isn't wearing a tie.."
  10. Person: "Did you cut your hair again?"
    Me: "No, I cut them all."
  11. Person: "Dude, I'm hungry."
    Me: *extends hand* "Hi Hungry, I'm Nick."
  12. Thyme
Nick Rush ’20 is studying Sports Management and plans on minoring in another business area. He plays baseball for MU, and he plans on working in the sports industry after graduation.

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