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Nick Rush

Successful Studying

by Nick Rush | Nov 06, 2018

Throughout college, I’ve taught myself how to be a better “studier”. In high school, I didn’t particularly study as much as I should have, and man did that change in college. I had to learn to study efficiently and make sure that I set aside time to study. Being now in my third year, I’ve grown custom to several places on campus where I feel like I’ve studied the best.

My study style is quiet and isolate. I enjoy being on my own to study since there are fewer distractions so that I can focus solely on my work. I wanted to share my favorite stations on campus in case anyone needs something new! 

1. My room. My room is literally my best place because I can shut the door, shut off the TV, and just work.

2. Athletics office. I go in there often simply because all the professors and coaches all have their own things to do, so they don’t bother me too much. Also, it’s not a high-traffic area for students, so anyone I know can’t bother me either!

3. The Walker Room. The Walker Room is the new room on the 2nd floor in the library. When I have exams that are short answer or essay, I go there because of all the white boards. I check out markers from the desk and write out the study guide until I have the material memorized.

4. ACEN 2nd floor – last chair by the wall. Pretty specific, I know. There’s an outlet right next to the chair, and I use my laptop all the time. There’s also a small gap next to the chair so I can put my bag there.

5. Booth seats across from Bookstore. Again, these seats have an outlet at each table. I use the table and spread out all my work so I can see everything. This also is not a high-traffic area, so it’s nice for some quiet.

Here are now a few tips I’ve learned and things I do that have helped me become a better studier!

1. Everyone loves music, but it doesn’t help me study. I leave the music off for a couple reasons. First, my playlist is pretty awesome and it’s hard not to pay attention to good songs! But, it distracts me from my work because I’m thinking about the lyrics. Next, if you don’t like the song, you’ll have to look at your phone to change it. This also has the downside of allowing you to see notifications which leads to you to checking them and being further distracted from the work.

2. This sort of goes along with number one. I leave my headphones in, but I usually never have music playing. I appear as though I am studying while listening to music, so fewer people bother me. However, I’m usually not listening to music because of reason one. People don’t want to bother someone (at least not for long) if they’re looking studious!

3. Isolation isn’t bad! I get much more accomplished studying on my own because my friends and I will go off topic sometimes. When that happens, it’s hard to get back on track. And, we end up staying there longer than necessary.