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Nick Rush

31 Tips

by Nick Rush | Apr 16, 2018

In working for Admissions, I always get asked “what do you wish you knew before coming to college?” and “What advice would you give your younger self?” Well, hopefully the list I’ve compiled before will answer those questions for incoming first-years! These are things that I wish I knew before Welcome Week, so hopefully it helps!

  1. Don’t forget your ID.
  2. Don’t raise your hand to use the restroom. We’re in college; you can just get up and go.
  3. Learn to communicate. Literally everything on this campus revolves around communication. It’s between students, professors, coaches, and everyone in between. If you’re a good communicator, things will be easier.
  4. Two words – office hours. Professors love it when students utilize office hours. It’s one-on-one time with a professor. It’s easier to comprehend material when it’s just you and them.
  5. Class participation equals a shorter class. The more you talk, the quicker time will go. Also, professors love it when students are involved – it makes their day quicker, too.
  6. Sit near the front. I’m not saying the front row, but maybe the second. It’s harder to get distracted compared to sitting all the way in the back.
  7. Always go to class. Most professors will take attendance and they will know if you show up for class. Usually attendance is part of a grade. It’s also awkward missing a class and seeing that professor in the same day.
  8. Learn to say “no”. Don’t bite off more than you can chew when it comes to classes, extracurriculars, etc.
  9. But, GET INVOLVED! There is such a thing as “productive socializing”. Join a club(s) and you can socialize and meet new people all while building a resume, gaining experience, and having fun.
  10. ALWAYS BACK UP FILES. I’ve already lost mine twice. Save everything to your computer plus a frashdrive.
  11. Find a spot on campus to make a phone call. Cell service can be kind of crazy, so find a spot that always works in case you need to make an important phone call.
  12. Wash new clothes before college. You don’t want to come to college, wear them, and they shrink after you’re moved in.
  13. Don’t forget your laundry. There’s normally a 10-minute grace period where no one will touch your machine, but after that 10 minutes is up, some people will touch your clothes and move them.
  14. Go to as many VIA’s as you can. When you become an upperclassman, your schedule will be busy and VIA’s will be harder to attend. The more you get the sooner, the better.
  15. Consider an on-campus job. You won’t need to drive to the job, so it’ll add up quickly!
  16. Freshmen can have cars at Manchester, and it’s free!
  17. Find a study group. It’s a good way to meet friends, plus hashing out tough class/exam material usually helps understand it better.
  18. An agenda/planner is the way to go. Organization is one of the keys to success.
  19. Utilize the Internet to buy books. Most of the time you can find books cheaper online. You can also resell your book at the end of the semester if needed.
  20. Consider renting books. Renting is also usually cheaper than buying.
  21. Leave your door open. It’s a great way to make friends!
  22. Change up your playlists. If you’re a music listener, listening to the same playlist daily may ruin the songs.
  23. Build your person not your resume. Do things that make you happy. Resume boosters will fill in as you go, so don’t be narrowly focused on it.
  24. Consider studying abroad. When else after college will you get to study in another country for months???
  25. Befriend an upperclassman. Either they know all, or they know someone who does.
  26. If you’re an athlete, always go hard. The coaches see everything, trust me.
  27. The Freshman Fifteen exists. Our food here is pretty good, so watch how much you eat!
  28. Get ready for move-in day! Go do that last-minute shopping and make sure you have everything! Also, I wrote a blog last year with some tips; feel free to check it out here
  29. Remember to relax. I won’t lie, it will get stressful. Find a way to de-stress yourself.
  30. Enjoy it. If you’re reading this and you’re:
    1. In high school – enjoy it. You may be ready for college, but there are still memories to be made before you’re here.
    2. A parent – your student will do well here. There is a place for him or her somewhere on this campus and it’s up to them to find it. Don’t worry, they will.
    3. In the summer before college – relax, be confident, and make sure you have everything!
  31. Just ride the wave. Don’t get to low on the lows, and don’t get too high on the highs. Take. It. Slow. Don’t let these next four years fly by. Enjoy every moment and memory, because next thing you know college will be over with and you’ll want to relive everything.