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Nick Rush

Glimpse Into The Future

by Nick Rush | Dec 14, 2016

As the semester closes, it’s now time to worry about Jan Term and the spring semester. I just wanted to give you guys some info about what I’ll be up to. I think I will be pretty busy, so let’s see what you guys think.

For Jan Term I am enrolled in Descriptive Astronomy. Some say it doesn’t sound too fun, but hey, I like that kind of stuff so I guess we’ll see if I like the class! For those who aren’t sure what Jan Term is, here you go: you take only one class Monday-Friday for 2-3 hours each day. Since there are 15 weeks in a semester, Jan Term classes are completed in 15 days, so three weeks. This is another way to get credit hours tacked on, but another popular option is to study abroad for a couple of weeks.

Spring semester is when I’ll get busy. I have two jobs now, which are Social Media Ambassador and Indiana Reading Corp. In the spring, I’ll be adding Student Ambassador, Student Budget Board, and College of Business Programming Committee to my resume. On top of that, baseball will finally start!! And, of course, I will have classes. Since I involved myself in too much without thinking about it, I have four classes scheduled for next semester. Speaking of classes, I’ll have three of them Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, one class on Tuesday, and two classes on Thursday.



Nick Rush ’20 is studying Sports Management and plans on minoring in another business area. He plays baseball for MU, and he plans on working in the sports industry after graduation.