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Nick Rush


by Nick Rush | Aug 04, 2017

If an incoming freshman asks for advice, I’d argue that one piece in the top three will be “get involved.” I totally agree with that; it’s how I met many of my friends, and it’s even helped getting involved in other activities. I would also tell an incoming freshman to get involved, except I would turn into a promoter for the College of Business Club (CBC).

I, too, was given the advice to get involved by my Student Orientation Leaders and many teammates. I, too, was told to join the CBC. And here I am, promoting it to other students. I was just a member, a regular student of the club, when all the opportunities were laid out in front of me. There were volunteer opportunities, real-work experiences, etc. I fell for the real-work opportunities and tried to learn how I could get some of it. After asking around, I learned that an easy way to learn is by joining a committee. I ended up being selected for the Programming Committee, which is mainly responsible for the On-Campus Field Trip. This is where we bring someone to campus that has experience in their field and can teach something to us. Last year we bought a man who twice committed fraud in accounting firms. Since I was on the committee, we all were able to sit down with him for lunch and talk about random things and ask him questions for an hour. It was a solid chance to 1) network, 2) hear about someone who has had years of experience under his belt, and 3) listen to him given all sorts of advice.

There are many opportunities within the CBC. For starters, meeting people is definitely an opportunity. At the opening meeting, you will be introduced to all the Executive Board members and you’ll be sitting next to people you don’t know. (Side note: if you ever hear mention of the Executive Cabinet, that is also the Executive Board. “Cabinet” and “Board” are interchangeable.) That leads me to another opportunity; Executive Board. This is composed of President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Under them, the E-Board, are the committees. I am now the Director of the Programming Committee, and there are four other Director positions.

Also, somewhat touched on, was the networking opportunity. Networking with other members of the club will happen for sure. Also like I mentioned before, networking with people from outside the club is also possible. If you get on the Programming Committee, the opportunity will be there with whomever we bring in. Most of the networking opportunities will occur with people on campus, but that is just good practice because 1) you don’t know them so it could still stir some nerves and 2) it won’t be as nerve-racking because it’s just a person on campus and everybody here are really easy to talk to.

Another opportunity that goes hand-in-hand with the E-Board and Directors is authority. Once you earn one of those positions, you get to help with the hiring process; Directors and E-Board interview potential committee members. The E-Board hires Directors. If you have any interest in being a boss over others, earning a position will be good experience. The hiring process is like an interview for real professions, business-professional attire and everything. Once hired on as a Director, you get to run your own meetings. You can say when they are, how long they’ll be, what’s covered, and how often you have them. For the E-Board, it’s a little different. You have to give a speech in front of the members and Directors and they vote who to pick; majority wins.

These are just a few of the opportunities of CBC. Much of this was slanted towards moving higher up in ranks within CBC, but considering there are many more members than Directors/E-Board staff, there are many more opportunities. CBC is open to any Manchester student, but most members have a major that falls within the College of Business. What this means is you and any of your friends may join. If you’re lucky enough to become Director and positions in your committee open, your friends can apply and possibly be part of your committee; it just so happens to be that two of my close friends are part of my committee. Overall, CBC has multiple opportunities. Everything I’ve typed out is something that happened to me, so it’s all real. I’m looking forward to moving up in ranks within CBC. The goal of being on the E-Board is still there, and I have three more years to accomplish it. 

Nick Rush ’20 is studying Sports Management and plans on minoring in another business area. He plays baseball for MU, and he plans on working in the sports industry after graduation.

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