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Nick Rush

The College Experience

by Nick Rush | Oct 05, 2018

What’s up, fellow Spartans!?

 It’s crazy knowing I’m already halfway done with college! It felt like just a month ago I was the one coming for Move-In Day and now people are asking what I’m planning for after graduation - I don’t even know what my plans are for next week! My life has changed since my last blog at the end of May, so I feel like I need to update you all on what’s going on before I blog about anything else!

My schedule, just like last year, is still crazy! I only have three classes this semester, but that’s only because I picked up an internship with the Men’s basketball team. For my internship, I’m currently working on a video for Manchester Madness (an event where we highlight the Men’s/Women’s basketball teams), which I recorded and am working on editing. The internship is for credit hours; so with three classes, a PE class, and my internship I’m taking 18.5 credit hours this semester. I still play baseball, have four on-campus jobs and I’m still a part of three clubs on campus.

I’m not even a month into classes yet but so many things have happened on campus. Out of everything, I would say my favorite part thus far has to be Welcome Week! Welcome Week is where all first-year students move in early to help get adjusted to campus, college life and meet other first-years. Being a Student Orientation Leader (SOL), I helped a lot with Welcome Week! SOL’s get a group of first-years to hang out with all week. We go to events, teach them things about Manchester, and become the first-years’ first friends on campus. This is my favorite part of school so far because I really enjoy talking to first-years and helping them adapt to being away from family and friends. This is my first year being a SOL, but my high school had a program like this for middle schoolers, so this is basically my fourth year in a program like this!

I’m going to leave you all with some pictures already from this year! I hope you enjoy them, and I’m looking forward to writing another blog for you all to read!

First-years and SOLs rode in fan-vans to support Manchester football’s first game at Trine University! I rode up with the cheerleaders and cheer coach, and this was taken right when we arrived!


Just kidding. This is a picture of a poster board that my SOL partner, Carissa, and I made! For Welcome Week, our theme was Hannah Montana, so I photoshopped a picture of her into a picture with Carissa and me! 

This is another picture from Welcome Week! Each year, there’s an intramural tournament for first-years and SOLs. This year I made a volleyball team with Maddie and Marilyn!