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Nick Rush

Freshman Year Flashback

by Nick Rush | May 19, 2017

Since my freshman year is ending, I recently went back through all my pictures to relive my first year in college. I thought I would share some of my favorite memories with you guys!


For the last weekend on campus, my friends decided to make a spontaneous (like, we planned this is 15 minutes) trip to Chicago and the Dunes. We rode the train into the city and went to The Bean, Navy Pier, had lunch at Margaritaville, and the girls went shopping while the guys tagged along. We then rode the train back to the station and went to the Dunes. We stayed there until the sun set, where I ended up getting a time lapse, and we left.


I took this picture with my iPhone 7Plus camera and I just think it’s one of the best pictures I have taken. What you’re looking at is Navy Pier and the city of Chicago.

May Day
During May Day weekend, a Nearly Naked Mile was put on and my friends and I decided to participate in. It wasn’t quite a mile, but it definitely was cold. We wore clothes we wanted to donate, and before the race started we took them off and donated them! This is what everyone wore to run in.

Thomas Rhett
Another spontaneous trip was going to see Thomas Rhett in Fort Wayne! My roommate Joe (on the left) and Grace (second from the left) decided they wanted to go see him. So, I said I would tag along if they decided to go, and within five minutes of me leaving the room I got a text saying we had the tickets… I asked Chloe, the blonde, if she wanted to come and she said yes, so we all went! Our tickets also were upgraded from the nosebleed 600 level to the second level 200’s; oh yeah, that was for free, too.

Cleveland Indians
My friend in just his hood, no baseball hat on, is a huge Cleveland Indians fan. As baseball players, we all love watching baseball, so we decided to make spontaneous trip on a Sunday night to Cleveland, OH for a watch party at the Indians’ stadium. We went for Game 5, so if they would’ve won then we would’ve been in Cleveland when they won the series, but sadly they lost. It was still so packed and our view was great!

Finally, the picture on the left are some of my teammates and friends. This group has gotten closer because of baseball and just hanging out during downtime. The picture on the right is a team picture from early in the season. I am number 6. We started off rough and at the bottom of the conference, and by the end of our season we were ranked 2nd in conference and ended 3rd in the tournament.

I wanted to end this year’s blogging by sharing a mini photo gallery of some of the best people I have met and a small amount of my favorite memories from this year. Everyone you see in these pictures I see at least once a day, whether it’s because they are in my room daily/nightly, I eat with them at lunch, or we pass each other sometime during the day. It makes me happy knowing everyone is coming back next year, with an exception of one or two, so we can continue to make spontaneous trips and memories we’ll remember more than what we’ve learned in school. I always question my decision to stress myself out in college where I’ll be left in thousands of dollars in debt, but these memories and people make all that debt 100% worth it. Be looking for blogs from me again in Fall 2017!!

Nick Rush ’20 is studying Sports Management and plans on minoring in another business area. He plays baseball for MU, and he plans on working in the sports industry after graduation.

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