Student Comments on Gerontology


ashlee duff"More people should take interest in this field because we all love someone that is now or will soon be considered elderly, and we want the best care for them. Whether an elder is your family or not, they are someone's family, and they are loved. With the knowledge I have gained from this course, I can continue caring for my grandparents and keep the tradition of making homemade goodies, like these mustache cookies, with them for a long time to come."  - Ashlee Duff '17

fajdich"The importance of studying gerontology is that you learn how we age. We also talked about the death and dying process and how to cope with it. Most importantly the projects require you to interview people, bringing you closer together."  - Natalie Fajdich '16, Social Work & Gerontology


katieshomo"I think it's important to take gerontology or to learn about gerontology because it allows you to see things from an elder's viewpoint. It helps to work towards diminishing the stereotypes of the elderly, which is something our society needs to work on doing."  - Katie Shomo '16, Social Work & Gerontology


lfeigel"I have learned a lot through Cheri's gerontology course and it has inspired me to learn more since the population of elders is increasing rapidly. It is important to study gerontology because in every job field that you go into you will encounter elders, so it is beneficial to know about them and to eliminate any biases you may have about them. Elders and youngers have more in common than you know!"  - Lauren Feigel '15 Walters, Social Work & Gerontology


K Poole“Working with older adults is continuing to make me a well-rounded individual as well as improving my outlook on life. They have changed me for the better by making me a more compassionate and patient person. Seeing the change within myself and seeing the difference that I can make in the lives of older adults has helped solidify my choice in this career path.”  - Kyleigh Poole ‘15 Jones, Social Work & Gerontology


Chelsea Teddy"When I first came to Manchester University, I didn’t even know what gerontology meant. However, after taking the intro course, it sparked a desire in me to learn more. I was appalled by the elder abuse rates, not just physically, but financially and emotionally as well. I was surprised by the elder discrimination that happens every single day in our country. I decided to minor in gerontology so I could better understand how life changes as one ages and how our society can adapt to help the fast-growing population worldwide. Why not learn about the aging process while we are young?  After all, elders are all around us, and, God-willing, we will all have the privilege of living a long, healthy life."  - Chelsea Teddy '14, Social Work, Criminal Justice, & Gerontology

hlawson"After taking social gerontology, my perspective on taking care of our aging population has changed drastically. I think all MU students should take the opportunity and take this class, because it will teach you how to best serve our expanding population of elders through leadership and policy-making."  - Lawson Heimach '14, Sociology & Religion

hleeper"In a world obsessed with being young, I have learned from gerontology that aging is a beautiful thing and that it is nothing to fear. Elders are a source of abundant wisdom which we can all learn from, and that I hope to learn from in my work with elders in the future."  - Hilary Leeper '14 Maldonado, Social Work & Gerontology