Who We Are:


Success advisors support our students holistically with empathy and informed advice, while challenging them to explore their academic, personal, and professional goals. 


Pro-active outreach to at risk-student populations:

Success Advisors will provide deliberate, structured interventions to first year students at critical outreach points to enhance student motivation and success, as well as build strong and lasting relationships with them.

Through the use of proactive advising strategies, Success Advisors may be able to anticipate student challenges and implement plans to keep these challenges from becoming insurmountable.    


Wrap-Around Support:

Through the use of ‘whole student advising’, or taking all of the students’ actions and circumstances into consideration (academics, social behaviors, level of engagement with Manchester, interaction with peers, family relations, etc), Success Advisors are able to intervene early with students and help connect them to resources on campus, as well as others in their support network.


First Year Student Scheduling:

In an effort to make Orientation Day a more enjoyable experience and to reduce the hassles and complications of first semester scheduling for new first-year students, Manchester University has adopted a pre-registration process.  Success Advisors prepared first semester schedules for all incoming first year students.  Moving forward, students will meet with their assigned academic advisor to enroll in courses for the following semesters.


Withdrawals/Exit Interviews:

Prior to students withdrawing from the institution, students are required to complete an experience survey and exit interview.  Success Advisors meet with students who are intending to withdraw or transfer from Manchester.  These interviews are meant to gather information about students’ experience while attending Manchester University, what they benefited from, what was missing, and what could be improved to enhance the student experience.