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Nick Rush

  • Friday Night Primetime: The Battle of Garver vs. Schwalm

    by Nick Rush | May 02, 2017

    After living in Schwalm my freshman year, I thought I would be in here either until I graduate or I decided to live off campus. All my friends are in Schwalm so it’s easy to hang out with everyone. When it comes to doing homework or just hanging out during down time, we’re all here. We’re still right by everything because campus is small, yet it still feels far from everything. However, my roommate and I have been considering moving to Garver because all our friends won’t be in Schwalm next year. If I counted right, roughly 12 of our 15 friends in Schwalm won’t be living here next year; most will be in Garver with a couple going to East. We have about less than a week to decide what we want to do, so we made a list comparing the two res halls that I wanted to share with you guys in case anyone else is struggling with this decision!

    Pro- closer to all the buildings, except one
    Pro- air conditioning
    Pro- where many of our friends are/will be
    Pro- more private shower areas
    Pro- more and comfier furniture in lobby
    Pro- allowed to have your personal microwave and mini-fridge
    Pro- normally a bit cleaner than Schwalm (Schwalm is clean, but I guess Garver is cleaner?)
    Pro- has won many of the Homecoming competitions in the past couple of years
    Pro- has a ping pong table and an air hockey table
    Pro- donuts for finals
    Pro- a bit higher population
    Con- cannot move the furniture
    Con- more fire alarms have gone off

    Pro- cheaper
    Pro- able to rearrange room and stack furniture, including being able to bunk and loft your bed with what is already provided in your room
    Pro- no doors separating the girls/guys side so it’s easier to make friends of both genders
    Pro- very social
    Pro- allowed to have a mini-fridge
    Pro- Snow Bowl (when there is snow, there is a two-hand-touch football tournament in Rhiney Bowl)
    Pro- has a lobby, basement, rec room, and spare room to hang out in compared to Garver’s lobby
    Pro- the parking lot is closer/the U has more driving space
    Pro- hardly no complaints about playing music with the door open (being smart about loudness and time is implied)
    Con- No air conditioning
    Con- farther from everything

    Here’s a quick sum-up: Schwalm is cheaper, is typically considered more social, but it’s farther away and doesn’t have air conditioning. Garver has air conditioning and is closer to everything, but is more expensive and there isn’t as much freedom with arranging the room. These are the deciding factors, but the list just goes a bit more in depth!

    Nick Rush ’20 is studying Sports Management and plans on minoring in another business area. He plays baseball for MU, and he plans on working in the sports industry after graduation.