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Nick Rush

  • The College "Must Haves"

    by Nick Rush | May 07, 2019

    I’ve almost completed three years of college, and let me tell you what, it doesn’t feel like it at all. It feels like I just started college a couple weeks ago! Most of my posts have been tips about college or information about Manchester, but this time I want to share specific things that have helped me get to where I am today.

    1. Phone. I’m honestly not sure how I could’ve made it this far without my phone. I use it as my day-to-day schedule by using the calendar feature in Outlook. I put everything but homework assignments in the calendar – class, meetings, work, practice, etc. My homework, and my work tasks, go in my Notes app or in my planner.


    2. Laptop. My laptop is used for homework, worksheets, online quizzes, sometimes notes, papers, you name it. I use my laptop for so many things because in the College of Business most things can be done electronically. However, I’ve already used my laptop to help me land jobs and internships. I’ve taught myself photo and video editing in my free time, and I sort of credit that to having my own laptop; if I didn’t have my own laptop, I wouldn’t have had as much time to learn.


    3. Portable charger. This may sound a little odd, but I have lived off a portable charger. Being one who is always on my phone, I always find my phone battery running low. This will be good to have, especially if you’re an athlete or plan to be really involved, or both. Quick tip – if you can find a portable charger that has a USB port and a normal outlet on it, invest in that. I don’t have one but I really wish I did for my laptop.


    4. Xbox/Guitar. These are a little different than school-related topics, but they still have played an important role. Xbox has been a way of relaxing. I get on to play video games with my friends when I have free time, and I don’t have to think about school when I’m playing; I get my mind off of everything school and job related. As an aside, I have a friend that works outside of the United States and in South America, and I actually use video games to talk with him. Guitar, on the other hand, is another way to relax. I use down time to learn a new song or practice songs I recently learned. I’ve used it to meet people I barely knew. They were singers and I was the guitar player, so we got together and played a couple duets.


    5. Friends. My friends have definitely helped get me through college! My teammates have helped bus rides go fast and practices more enjoyable. Friends have helped me schedule classes and helped me with tough classes and homework assignments. They’ve made the extra activities more fun – bowling, going to MAC events, having bonfires, etc. They’ve also been a solid resource just to talk to. We learn about each other, talk about sports, make spontaneous trips, and make sure that we stay focused on getting the degree but being a normal college kid in the process.