MU Alert TEST: Gunman might be in area

Test copy: Local law enforcement has informed the University that an armed suspect in a Main Street robbery might be in the vicinity of the North Manchester campus.

We have no further details currently.

Shelter in place until the all-clear is issued. A lockdown or shelter in place means to stay where you are, lock doors if possible, block access to room if possible, stay away from windows. If you are outside, find the nearest safe space.

Why basic emergency alerts are needed.
When we sent out MU Alerts, they are often broad, basic messages. Initial messages need to go out as quickly as possible so that students, faculty and staff know that there is a potential emergency.
If we can confirm where something is happening, we will share it. 
We do not want to run the risk of getting out appropriate information, and wrong information can be worse than no information at all.
How to sign up for MU Alerts:
Emergency Evacuation Plan:
Emergency Guidelines:
Safety Tips:
Counseling Services is available as a free resource to students on campus.  We encourage you to reach out to them, by emailing, to seek support should you need it.