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Study Table Schedule Fall 2017

Fall 2017 Study Tables

Take advantage of the opportunity to work with tutors at study tables. Copies are also available at the front desk of the Success Center in the Jo Young Switzer Center upper level. If you need a tutor for a course not listed on the schedule you can fill out a tutor request form.
Why work with peer tutors? 
1.      It’s a great way to get help when working on your homework.
2.      It’s a super way to clear up something you don’t know or understand. Tutors explain concepts, answer questions, provide examples, etc.
3.      It’s an awesome way to learn study techniques from students who have already taken the course.
4.      It’s a fantastic way to work with a study group and meet other students.
1. Do I have to come for the entire time listed?
Students may come for all or part of a study table session.  For example, if a study table is scheduled from 6:30 – 8:00 and you have a class and can't arrive until 7 p.m. that's fine; come from 7-8 p.m.  When possible, come for the entire session each time the study table meets.  Don't just come the night before an exam and expect to learn everything you need to know.  Students who work with peer tutors on a regular basis benefit the most from the help available! 
2. What if I can't come to a study table because I have class at the scheduled time? 
Come to the front desk of the Success Center to fill out a tutor request form, and we'll work to schedule a time that fits with your class schedule.
Free academic help is available in the Success Center!
Students may schedule individual appointments to receive help with time management, to learn new study skills, and to improve writing skills.  Come to the Success Center or contact Academicsupport@manchester.edu to schedule an appointment.
Laura Turner-Reed
Assistant Director of Academic Support and Writing Center Coordinator
Manchester University Success Center