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Weekly Update - August 6


From: McFadden, David F. <DFMcFadden@manchester.edu>
Sent: Thursday, August 6, 2020 3:06 PM
To: All Colleagues <AllColleagues@manchester.edu>
Subject: Covid Update - Aug 6

Dear Colleagues,

We are putting the final touches on plans for reopening this fall, and communicating with students and colleagues as effectively and thoroughly as possible. There are a lot of moving parts, and thanks to everyone who has had a role in getting us to this point.

The Reopen Work Group, which has worked tirelessly all summer, did a walk-through of University buildings once again on Wednesday. You’ll see one-way signs, reduced or no seating in some areas, more socially distant seating outdoors, reminders to wear masks, covers on or disabled water fountains and lots of cleaning stations.

Rather than a big move-in day this year at North Manchester residence halls, we are staggering the return of all students. Residential Life is sending students information about the move-in process and asking them to sign up for Express Check-in. Colleagues should be on the lookout early next week for an email from University Safety about where to park during check-in days.

If you have any questions about the reopen plan, please send them to health@manchester.edu, and we will answer them as promptly as possible.


We are doing all we can to communicate with those on our campuses about how to stay safe and keep others safe. There are some great videos to watch by following the links below. I’m grateful for the clarity and empathy they’ve brought to their messaging.

The three most important things we can do to minimize COVID spread is wear masks, socially distance and wash our hands. Many members of our community are fully embracing their masks because they know how very vital they are. Please join them in setting an important example for our students.

Jennifer Wagner, a rising junior with a double major in biology-chemistry and vocal performance, spent much of her summer doing COVID-19 contact tracing in Pennsylvania. She got in touch with people to tell them that that they tested positive and then collected information about those they had been in contact with so that they in turn, would be notified. Listen to her story here.

Kayla Anderson, a sophomore majoring in psychology, wants to protect herself and others from COVID-19, particularly those at high risk. In this video she explains ways that students can help to prevent the virus from spreading and flatten the curve.

Abby Van Vlerah, vice president for student life, sent this message to students this week.

In this video, students and colleagues share their reasons to wear a mask. No one likes to wear a mask, including me. I finally found a style that doesn’t pull down on my face when I talk and stays looped around my neck so I always have it with me.

Mask Up, Spartans! The better we do at this, the more likely it is that we won’t have to go to a Plan B or Plan C this fall.


Dave McFadden
Manchester University