Pathways seeks to nurture students through broad vocational resources, challenge them with service experiences, and continue to engage them with local faith communities and the national Church of the Brethren network, as well as many other service organizations and non-profit groups.

Countless lives are enriched by Pathways:
  • Student participants expand their service perspective.
  • Faculty and staff members “connect” with students and are enriched by their conversations about faith and vocation.

  • Co-workers of Manchester University students in agencies across the United States are revitalized by this next generation of service participants.

  • Congregations are re-energized as they connect with college students in new ways.

  • The Church of the Brethren and other faith communities will be renewed by future collaborations of young adults who have critically examined the intersection of faith, learning, and service as they explore their personal questions of vocation and service to others during their college years.


“As I left my Pathways summer experience, I understood that every individual, even the strongest among us, has a longing to be loved. This was an opportunity of a lifetime.”