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Judd Case, Ph.D

Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities

Dr. Case brings a range of administrative experience to the role. He previously served as chair of the Department of Communication Studies and has chaired the Undergraduate Promotion and Tenure Committee. He also served on the Values, Ideas and the Arts Committee, the Independent Colleges of Indiana Leadership Council, the Institutional Vitality Initiative Academic Programs Task Force, and the Governance Restructuring Committee.

Judd joined the Manchester faculty in 2007. He earned his B.A. in communication and his M.A. in mass communication from Brigham Young University. He earned his Ph.D. in communication studies with an emphasis in media studies from the University of Iowa. His dissertation, an archival exploration of logistical media, was chaired by Dr. John Durham Peters, now of Yale University. Judd’s scholarship includes archival work in media history and theoretical interpretations of pop culture artifacts. He has presented to the International Communication Association, National Communication Association, and Popular Culture Association. He has taught courses in media literacy, digital storytelling, communication theory, professional communication, and human communication. He has been instrumental in developing Manchester’s digital media arts program and is the founder of Spartan Stream, the student-run streaming and podcasting service.

When Judd isn’t discussing media with students and colleagues, he is playing in a chess tournament or rehearsing with Manchester’s rock band, The Otho Winger Experience. Judd is married to Joanne Case and is the father of Gabriel Case.

Dr. Katy Gray Brown Professor of Peace Studies

Katy Gray Brown, Ph.D

Professor of Philosophy and Peace Studies;
Director of the Peace Studies Institute

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Dr. Kathryn Eisenbise-Crell Associate professor of religious studies

Kate Eisenbise Crell

Associate Professor of Religious Studies

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Scott DeVries

Professor of Spanish.
Department Chair

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Jeff Diesburg

Jeff Diesburg

Associate Professor of Art

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Stacy Erickson Pesetski

Beate Gilliar

Dr. Beate Gillar

Professor of English

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Pamela Haynes, D.A

Assistant Professor of Music
Piano Area Coordinator

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Scott Humphries, D.M.A.

Assistant Professor of Music
Director of Instrumental Studies and Music Education

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Katharine Ings

Dr. Katharine Ings

Associate Professor of English
Department Chair 
Gender Studies Program Director

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Dr. Justin Lasser Assistant professor of religious studies

Justin Lasser

Associate Professor of Religious Studies

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Debra Lynn, D.A.

Professor of Music
Director of Choral Organizations and Vocal Studies

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Jen Oke

Enjenobo Oke

Department Chair
Associate Professor of Art

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Tim Reed, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Music
Music Department Chair

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Thelma Rohner

Thelma Rohrer

Assistant Professor of Art
Director of Study Abroad and Off-Campus Academic Programs

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Elton Skendaj

Elton Skendaj, Ph.D.

Muir Associate Professor of Peace Studies

Jonathon Watson

Dr. Jonathan Watson

Associate Professor

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Dr. C. Arturo Yáñez Professor of Spanish

C. Arturo Yáñez

TESOL Director
Associate Professor of Spanish

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